When is & where is BaconCamp San Francisco 2010?

May 8, 2010 from noon to 4pm @ Chez Poulet (3359 Cesar Chavez at mission st)
You can RSVP on Upcoming or Facebook

How much does it cost to attend?

We ask for a sliding scale donation ($5+ ) at the door and proceeds go to the San Francisco Food Bank. You can also donate $15 on our fundraising page or sign up to present to guarantee your spot at BaconCamp

How can I participate?

  • Bring food! A BaconCamp without bacon is just a bunch of hungry people standing around together. Sign up to bring food & enter the chef contest
  • Create art. Drawings, poetry, sculptures anything that inspires you.
  • Volunteers put the grease in BaconCamp. Are you super-organized? Help coordinate the event. Do you have pimp-ass tech skills? Be in charge of sound & projection. Love meeting people? Be a greeter at the door. Email misskarenism[at] gmail[dot]com to be on the volunteer list. All attendees are considered day-of volunteers.
  • Donate money to fund the event
  • Spread the word to friends, coworkers, mailing lists, etc.
  • Most importantly: Come to BaconCamp with your smiling happy face.

What are the presentations all about?

Chefs and artists are given a few minutes to talk about their creation. Four or 5 people will speak every 15 minutes. This gives the speaker a chance to explain what they made, their inspiration and anything else they desire.

What are the awards?

Awards are given in these categories:

  • Best Overall – This is the audience choice award. All attendees will have a chance to vote.
  • Top Savory
  • Top Sweet – a dessert or candy
  • Top Condiment or Drink – sauces, infusions, seasonings
  • Inspired – best presentation inspired by bacon. This category is for art, sculptures, photographs, demonstrations, poems, stories, music, etc.
  • Inventive – most creative use of bacon. it’s unexpected and tasty
  • Photogenic – when you see a picture of it, you want to lick your screen

You give a presentation (bring food or art, or demo something about bacon). A panel of judges will choose winners for some prizes. Audience choice awards will be given to presenters with the most votes from attendees, so bring your friends and convince them to vote for you.

See the latest updates on prizes and sign up to present

Where’s the money go?

The San Francisco Food Bank is the beneficiary this year. Everyone who works on BaconCamp is a volunteer and does not receive any money.

I want to complain about how something sucks

1 – That’s not a question. 2 – Everyone who attends is encouraged to help make the experience better, funner, & more bacony. Each person is responsible for their own enjoyment of BaconCamp. You have the power to make positive change.

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  1. San Francisco BaconCamp 2010 Says:

    […] BaconCamp is a community-driven gathering bringing together chefs and bacon enthusiasts. It is an interactive event filled with discussions, demos and delicious treats with proceeds going to the San Francisco Food Bank! […]

  2. Bruce Says:

    I would buy a shirt with that logo…..how about that for an improvement….advertise on each person each year it grows from shirt advertisement and give the proceeds to the food bank.

    Whaddaya think…..

    I am thinking about attending and kicking some ASS. JK.

  3. Karen Says:

    @bruce that would be super-cool. I’d have to check with the food bank to see if they are ok with that.

  4. tam Says:

    I’d rock a Bacon Camp tee! 😀

  5. BaconCamp San Francisco Says:

    […] the faint of heart, we suspect. Get your Bacon on San Francisco! This event is FREE, but you should get involved either by bringing food, getting creative, or just spreading the word and helping out the day of […]

  6. Karenism » Archive » Baconcamp Says:

    […] I’ve been woefully neglecting this blog. My days and nights have been filled BaconCamp, a collaborative experience involving bacon. Proceeds go to the San Francisco Food Bank. More info here. […]

  7. Wazmo Nariz Says:

    I’m sorry I missed the camp — just found out about it a day too late.

    I can’t wait for Bacon Camp 2011!

    –Waz, MeatPla.net

  8. Howard Says:

    Please send me an invite to next year

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