Live meat butchering

Akimenko meats
(Just a picture, NOT a video)

We haven’t figured out all the logistics yet but a professional butcher from Cambridge, MA might be coming out to do a demonstration of how to cut up a pig. Don’t worry, it’ll already be dead. I know not everyone will be keen on this (although I love to understand where my food comes from and how it is handled), so I think we’ll do it at the beginning or the end of the event.

You should definitely check out their kickstarter page. They are trying to raise money to open a butcher shop.

Akimenko Meats strives to bridge the gap between the city dweller and our local farmers. Our commitment to our neighbors is to bring in local, organic, and sustainable products while supporting the local agricultural community, building customer awareness, ultimately aiding our local economy.

This is a great cause worth backing.

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