Stickers! and more prizes

The stickers came in yesterday. They look fantastic. One of the organizers last year put one of these stickers on his bag and it’s still on there in great condition. These stickers from Stickergiant are built to last.

I also received this cute bag. I love dinosaurs. This bag will be one of the prizes we give away. If you want to buy your own, they are hand made and sold on etsy

Dinosar thinks about
I keep posting all these fun prizes, but our presenter’s list isn’t growing. Last year’s Bacone winner was filmed for “What would Brian Boitano Make? (watch it here. Click on “Make bacon with Brian”) Don’t you like the prizes? Fame and glory? Bragging rights?

Get your creative bacon juices flowing and sign up to present!

You can also just leave a comment here with your name and presentation and I’ll add you to the list.

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  1. andrea Says:

    how can i get this tote bag!?? its awesome!!

  2. Karen Says:

    @andrea you can either enter to win by bringing some food or presenting. You can also just buy one at

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