BaconCampSF Wrap-up

Wow. BaconCamp SF was a huge success. There was a great turn-out both in attendees and participants. People dressed up, people made amazing dishes and everybody went home with a full belly.

Grand Prize Winner - @mooflyfoof

Huge, huge thanks go out to Karen Nguyen who got called away on a family emergency but got everything lined up for the rest of the volunteers to just knock it out. Amy (@netdiva) stepped up to MC and lead the charge day-of along lots of help from nudicow, @themassivebri, @dfltr, @juicysanchez,@oznog, & @micahsaul.

Now, who won? The format was simple, each of the presenters had 2 minutes to tell the judges and audience about their dish. The judges would try it and then give a score from 1 to 5. The judges were a panel of bacon and camp lovers: @iamcal, @arielwaldman, @micahsaul, @bacontoday, Otto Von Danger (founder of BaconFest), myself (@kveton) and Mike from We had 43 dishes come through and we had some good ones and we had some really amazing ones.

(Note: the prize winners are still a little sketchy on exactly who won. If you happened to win a prize or have a better memory than I, please leave a comment and I’ll correct. Accompanying pictures to follow of each dish as well)

The audience was also given 3 votes which they could put towards the “Best Overall” and we recognized those with “Grand Prize” and “Runner-up” trophies.

  • Grand Prize: Maker’s Mark Ice Cream – @mooflyfoof
  • Runner-up: Chicken-fried Bacon – mp

The judges also had a few prizes they wanted to hand out based on the dishes we all sampled:

  • Judges Choice: The Bacone – Christian from Wikia
  • Judges Choice Runner-up: Potato bacon tart
  • Best presentation: Maple Bacon Lollipop
  • Most scientific: Bacon Hyper-cube
  • Most likely to tempt a veggie: Bacon hummus
  • Best Soup: Bacon Pea Soup – @oznog
  • Best effort, worst food: Bacon Brownies (hint: don’t mention poop during your preso)

Once again, thanks to everyone who came, donated, participated, cooked and then helped clean up. Can’t wait to do the next event soon!

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  1. Karen Says:

    Whohooo! Go Heather and all the other winners. :)

  2. Christian Says:

    Scott, it’s called the Bacone! :)

  3. kveton Says:

    Doh! Post is updated!

  4. Corey James Says:

    All hail the Bacone! Christian, we salute you (while holding a Bacone of course).

  5. Heather Says:

    Thanks for everything, Scott! That was so much fun!! :)

  6. Ani Niow Says:

    I’m apparently one of those winners who’s sketchy on exactly who won, didn’t even realise my hypercube was nominated. What happens next?

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  8. mp Says:

    the winner, @mooflyfoof, only took first because minutes before the total score was tallied, she realized she was down 4 votes and went to the front door, grabbed more voting stickers and placed them on her board. Hopefully this year there will be measures in place to prevent that from happening. And I know this, because I was standing right there when she did it and then insulted me, without realizing I was standing right there. Second place is bittersweet when first place was stolen because of cheating.

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