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BaconCamp Inspiration: Internet Bacon Meme in 60 seconds

BaconCamp is coming to San Francisco on March 21st, 2009 and in the interest of inspiring you, we bring you the Internet Bacon Meme in 60 seconds. Enjoy.

BaconCamp – The Internet Bacon Meme in 60 Seconds on Vimeo

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A little $$ for stickers?

happy valentine’s day honey by j l t

Baconcamp is happily chugging along.

We thought it would  be fun to have baconcamp stickers to give out.  Who wouldn’t be proud to sport a baconcamp sticker on their laptop?  Unfortunately, we are short on funds.  I am happy to help out with half of the cost, which leaves around $100 for the stickers.  We’re doing a giant batch order to send stickers to other baconcamps.  They are popping up all over the place!  If you’d like to help out and spread the bacon love, please contact one of us, or leave a comment below.

jason @ bacn [dot] com

aedenhensley @ gmail [dot] com

karen @ karenism [dot] com

scott @ kveton [dot] com

Don’t forget to add your dishes to the wiki!  We’re going for excess here.

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