Nom noms and presentations

How Bacon is made on Youtube

BaconCamp planning is happily chugging along. Today I looked at upcoming and there are 90+ people who say they are attending. That is fantastic! I also looked at the dish list and there are only 9 dishes.

What would BaconCamp be without excessive amounts of bacon? BaconCamp encourages everyone to participate. Not a chef? Not a problem! We would love to see anything bacon-related. Stories (best/worst experience, vegetarian converts, first encounters), crafts (how would you make a bacon scarf, anyway?), poems, cooking technique, photos, art, music, etc. etc.

Put on your thinking hats, and get out that bacon screen! Here are a few sites to help inspire:

Don’t forget to add yourself to the wiki.

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    […] ready for BaconCamp (modeled after BarCamp). They also have a blog, which includes wonderful posts like this one, with a YouTube video of bacon being […]

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