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Nom noms and presentations

How Bacon is made on Youtube

BaconCamp planning is happily chugging along. Today I looked at upcoming and there are 90+ people who say they are attending. That is fantastic! I also looked at the dish list and there are only 9 dishes.

What would BaconCamp be without excessive amounts of bacon? BaconCamp encourages everyone to participate. Not a chef? Not a problem! We would love to see anything bacon-related. Stories (best/worst experience, vegetarian converts, first encounters), crafts (how would you make a bacon scarf, anyway?), poems, cooking technique, photos, art, music, etc. etc.

Put on your thinking hats, and get out that bacon screen! Here are a few sites to help inspire:

Don’t forget to add yourself to the wiki.

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Coordinator positions open

too much

It’s been a long time since I’ve organized a large social gathering, and it’s wonderful to remind myself of all the lessons I’ve learned in the past. Lesson #1 popped up pretty quickly. I thought we would have 10, maybe 20 guests and I could handle the logistics largely alone. With 40+ people interested in the event (I hope they all come), constant emails, and my growing list of todo, I’ve decided to delegate delegate delegate (which I should have done from the beginning).

I’m looking for people to own chunks of this project. You would be the contact, organizer, executor.

Categories that need coordinating:

  • Sponsors – be the primary contact for them, maintain a list of who they are & what they’re bringing
  • Facilities & Supplies – audio equipment for preso, acquire cups & such
  • Head Bacon Dish-er – create the presentation board, add dishes to the twiki as necessary, answer questions about bringing dishes
  • Volunteers – coordinate anyone who wants to volunteer to help out (I will be the main contact for this)

It’s all very open and flexible. Whoever fills these rolls decides everything in that realm. The leads do not necessarily have to do everything themselves. Ok, it doesn’t make me a control freak to write out what each coordinator does, right?!

If you are interested in one of these positions EMAIL ME OR SCOTT PLEASE!!! karen [at] karenism [dot] com or scott [at] kveton [dot] com

Scott and I will remain general contacts and logistics.

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Hello Bacon!

The first baconcamp is set for March 21, 2009.  Hopefully everyone would have recovered from sxsw by then.  What is BaconCamp?

We’re still trying to figure out what sort of presentation format works best for food-related camps.  If have ideas you want to share, want to help organize, or are interested in making something tasty, leave a comment below and check out the wiki.

RSVP on upcoming and check back regularly for event updates.

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